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What are Precious Metals?

Precious metals are defined by how rare they are and the industry they are used by. The term is used for that group of metals which are known to be unique and valuable. Metal’s prices are affected by many factors, economic, financial and many times they have served as a safe shelter while turbulent times for other assets.

Precious metals, or as they are named differently rare metals, have unique characteristics and are usually used for jewelry. They do not rust, so they last for many years.

Not only jewelry, precious metals are used in other areas also, like in production of solar energy panels, medical and surgical equipment, electronic devices production, cell phones, cameras, mirrors and more.


Metal prices have earned their place of honor, since investors are always looking at Gold and others when the time gets tough. As our clients, you will receive in regular time, the latest market reports over news, events, prices.


Trading Gold in the online market allows traders to make profits while speculating on daily price movements. Here at Aquatrade , you are enabled to trade Gold as an individual asset or with CFDs. Find below the availability of online trading gold exchanges.

• Online trading hours in London, UK – Opens 08:00 – 17:00 (GMT)
• Online trading hours in New York, USA – Opens 13:20 – 18:30 (GMT)
• Online trading hours in Mumbai, India – Opens 04:30 – 18:00 (GMT)
• Online trading hours in Dubai, UAE – Opens 04:30 – 07:30 (GMT)
• Online trading hours in Jakarta, Indonesia – Opens 02:30 – 10:30 (GMT)
• Online trading hours in Islamabad, Pakistan – Opens 05:00 – 13:00 (GMT)


Trading silver is challenging, but well rewarding. Silver is a smart move if you want to diversify your portfolio. Silver’s price is influenced by supply and demand, which is represented by large traders, short selling and commercial demand. Silver market is not as volatile as Gold market is. Find below some exciting facts about Silver.
• Silver is the first metal which was used as currency, 4k years ago.
• The first Silver US dollar coin was created in 1794.
• Silver means ‘money’ in more than 14 languages.
• In ancient times, Silver was rare to find and it was valued higher than gold.
• The global Silver reserve (530,000 tonnes) is about 3 times more than Gold.
• The Olympic Gold Medal is made of Sterling Silver, then plated with 6 grams of pure Gold.

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