Aquatrade is founded by 3 financial experts with strong academic and professional backgrounds in financial markets and trading portfolio management.
Want to trade? Let Aquatrade lead your path, start from €250 and trade the boldest assets.
Trade as a Pro, even if you have just started your trading journey.
Live prices
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Start in three
simple steps

Learn to trade
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Toward your goals

We have created our strategies and business model in such a way, they assist our clients to manage risk and maximize the profits. Everything is designed to meet your needs.


New traders without experience and necessary level of knowledge.


Traders who want another source of money but do not have enough time to trade.


Traders who have experience but they want to boost their profits and knowledge to another level.

How it works

Open your account and start trading assets like Bitcoin, Gold, EUR/USD, Google stocks and more.

Perform technical, fundamental and sentiment analyses and open your trades.

Register for your account

Fund your account
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Start Trading

Analyse charts
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Check economic
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Observe market

We make decisions based on science

What differs us from the rest is our logic, science-based decision making. Our team has a unique experience in dealing with financial markets policies with mathematics, statistical and economics theories. Our experts have created their own trading strategies which are implemented in the Aquatrade  Webtrader platform, which is also developed by them.
Our team contains professionals with over 20 years of experience in the Forex trading and other sectors. They are well reputed professionals we have the privilege to work with.
We help traders to have a deep understanding of technical, fundamental and sentiment analysis. It is very important to know the platform very well, the market and the way it should be explored, so you will get the maximum out of your invested capital.

Understanding our trading methodology

We welcome you with a conversation with your account manager, so we come to a common ground about what we offer and what you expect from us.

Inovative Trading System

Our team has developed a couple of trading strategies and trading accounts which have packed different levels of services for our traders. You just need to set up your goals, write down an investment plan and choose among our three trading plans. Recognizing your abilities and trading capacities will help you start from the right point. We are continuously simplifying trading processes, finding the right assets and placing positions.

Risk Management

We have applied in our platform the risk management tools, which enables traders to have control over their trading activity. Stop loss and take profit are two functions which give you control on how much profit you want to have and how much losses you are able to afford. It is put by you and it is executed automatically once the conditions are met. We are advising to start with the minimum of 250 Euro and open trades as low as 20 Euro/ trade. So, you don’t put all the eggs in one basket, but diversify the capital in different positions.

Live Assets Data

You are allowed to check live prices of any asset available without leaving the platform. There are historical prices together with the latest prices in one graph, line and candlesticks. There are different indicators available that will make the picture complete and give you a clearer idea of what decision to make. Live streaming news over financial markets and an updated economic calendar is 24/7 available. Mix all the information you have to be a successful trader.